Accepted Papers


The following papers have been accepted for presentation at GIZeitgeist 2012 (Congratulations to all the authors!)


  • LocateThisPage: Drive-by Location-Aware Browsing
    Chandan Kumar, Dirk Ahlers and Susanne Boll
  • Towards the new open source GIS platform AEGIS
    Roberto Giachetta, István László and Csaba Levente Bálint
  • An Evaluation of Peephole Interaction with Panoramic Photographs for Pedestrian Navigation
    Dirk Wenig, Tim Nulpa, Rainer Malaka and Michael Lawo
  • SpARTA: A Spatially Aware Reasoning and Tracking Algorithm
    Markus Dambek, Sascha Schrader, Adrian Block, Stefan Brending, Ralf Warfelmann, Falko Schmid and Jasper Van De Ven


  • Qualitative Multi-Criteria And Quantitative Soil Erosion Prediction Methods Along BTC And SCP Pipelines
    Emil Bayramov
  • Open Geodata – new models for value creation?
    Thomas Kandler
  • A Concept to Identify Map Interaction Patterns
    Beate Weninger
  • Investigating cognitive aspects in digital maps – using VGI to create a child suitable map
    Philippe Rieffel and Thomas Bartoschek
  • A data integration concept for an interdisciplinary research database
    Christian Willmes and Georg Bareth
  • Infuence of the point-support variogram on spatial disaggregation with ATP-Kriging
    Phuong Truong, Gerard Heuvelink and Edzer Pebesma
  • Modeling Spatio-Temporal Patterns of Deforestation in Brazil with a Bayesian Belief Network Approach
    Carsten Krüger, Dennis Funke and Tobia Lakes
  • Modeling Discrete Processes Over Multiple Levels Of Detail Using Partial Function Application
    Paul Weiser and Andrew U. Frank
  • Towards individualized outdoor navigation assistance for people with Alzheimer’s disease
    Torben Gerkensmeyer
  • Towards a spatialization of PIM-tools
    Amin Abdalla and Andrew U. Frank
  • Geosemantic Taboo
    Henry Michels and Thomas Bartoschek
  • Mapping the Web resources of a developing country
    Dirk Ahlers, Jose Matute, Isaac Martinez and Chandan Kumar
  • Navigation with the Dipole Calculus
    Germán Carrillo and Christoph Mülligann
  • Spatial Information in Tactile Orientation Maps – The Users’ Requirements
    Christian Graf