Presentation by PROGIS

Presentation title: Top down and bottom up – both is needed

Abstract: GIS Systems worked in the past mainly as top-down systems, like in ancient times of mainframes and dump terminals – the user should watch what someone defined he should look at. The real new or update information is never at the top, it is outside anywhere in the field, general in the space – rural space, village space etc. Although the internet of things will help with the integration of sensor technologies, nevertheless we will need to get better information from the bottom to the top that will guarantee that the top gets that information it needs for decisions. This has to be organized in a total different manner and with different tools as in the past. Wikipedia or Open Street Map etc. show the way but also in protected “public areas” this has to and will change if we want to have better and more qualified decisions.
Top-bottom vs. bottom top also needs a new valuation and organization of public and private activities and cooperation. The whole question of “commons” is also part of these discussions.