GI Zeitgeist 2012 – Young researchers forum on Geographic Information Science to be held in Muenster, on the 16th and 17th of March 2012, will be a conference for young researchers worldwide to get together and present their work in the field of Geographic Information Science. It will be a forum for researchers from diverse disciplines such as computer science, geography, cognitive science, mathematics, environmental science and artificial intelligence working on related topics to interact and find possibilities for collaboration. The event is organized by the students of the International Research Training Group on Semantic Integration of Geospatial Information. We particularly invite master students, PhD students and post-docs, to present their research on innovative concepts, methods and tools for geospatial information modeling and integration. GI Zeitgeist will provide the participants a platform for discussion and exchange related to their latest research activities and give them the opportunity to get feedback on their

work in an interdisciplinary and international atmosphere. We invite you to be part of the up-and-coming generation of geographic information scientists meeting at GI Zeitgeist 2012!

Organizing committee:
Juliane Brink, University of Muenster
Klaus Broelemann, University of Muenster
Malumbo Chipofya, University of Muenster
Auriol Degbelo, University of Muenster
Manfred Eppe, University of Bremen
Torben Gerkensmeyer, University of Bremen
Mohammed Imaduddin Humayun, University of Muenster
Jae Hee Lee, University of Bremen
Christoph Stasch, University of Muenster
Dong Wang, University of Muenster

Jia Wang, University of Muenster

Scientific Committee:
Thomas Bittner, University at Buffalo
Theodor Foerster, University of Muenster
Christian Freksa, University of Bremen
Michael Goodchild, University of California Santa Barbara
Gerard Heuvelink, Wageningen University, Netherlands
Stephen Hirtle, University of Pittsburg
Krzysztof Janowicz, University of California Santa Barbara
Xiaoyi Jiang, University of Muenster
Gerrit Kahl, German Research Center for AI
Tomi Kauppinen, University of Muenster
Carsten Keßler, University of Muenster
Mareike Kritzler, University of Muenster
Antonio Krüger, German Research Center for AI
Werner Kuhn, University of Muenster
Christian Lucas, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology
Edzer Pebesma, University of Muenster
Florian Probst, SAP Research
Chris Renschler, University at Buffalo
Sven Schade, Joint Research Center, European Commission
Simon Scheider, University of Muenster
Kerstin Schill, University of Bremen
Falko Schmid, University of Bremen
Stéphane Roche, University Laval, Canada
Jan Oliver Wallgruen, University of Maine

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